Beta access to Libraries 2.0 in Particle IDEs

Hello Particle community!

Libs 2.0 in Open Beta

We’re exited to announce that we’ve been working for many months on a new update to our IDEs (Web IDE, Desktop IDE, and CLI) that unify the experience of creating, contributing, and using Particle libraries. With these new versions of our Dev tools, you’ll be able to add libraries to your Particle projects, as well as contribute libraries to the Particle ecosystem using Dev and the CLI.

We’re going to be releasing the new versions of these tools this month (January), and would love to have your feedback before we release to the public. If you’re interested in trying out the tools, install the beta tools using the instructions here, and leave feedback in the body of this thread!

An initial version of the overview document for the new version of Particle libraries has been drafted here – please read it before downloading any of the beta tools.

New Beta Category

On a side note, we’ve opened up a new category on the forums called Beta which will serve as the landing page for the Libs 2.0 beta as well as future betas. You can learn more about this beta and future beta programs by visiting the Beta category.

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