LaMetric Time DIY Project/Multifunctional LED Screen

I saw the LaMetric Time and thought that it’s a great product, but way overpriced. So i decided to built sth. similar on my own.

Main Functions I want:
-show live youtube subscribers
-show time/date
-show text
-change functions on the device itself
-smartphone controlable via IFTTT

I would use LED Matrices.

Can you do this with the photon? Or do I need a Arduino/Pi? I also would be thankful for any approaches or ideas, I am total new to all of this. THANK YOU

This is certainly doable with Particle devices. Have a look at this neat LED matrix project for some ideas: RGB Pixel Clock Kit (Maker Faire 2016)


Can’t wait to see what you come up with. You might end up finding that the LaMetric isn’t as overpriced as you originally thought! :smile: