Labeling Sparks?

I guess this could apply to just about any microcontroller, really. Does anyone have a good way of keeping up with which Core is which (or Arduino Nano, or DigiSpark, or whatever) when you have 2+ sitting in front of you waiting to be programmed? Like if they are for identical projects and the circuits are all wired exactly the same. That big metal shield on the CC3000 looks very tempting for a Sharpie, but I’d hate to permanently ruin that shiny surface of wireless happiness. Would clear (Scotch) tape on the CC3000 hurt anything (I know it can get a little warm at times)?

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The scotch tape is a good idea! Hot but not too hot to damage the tape. :slight_smile:

Maybe a simple paper label or… change the RGB LED light!!! Hahaha

I use an entry level Brother P-Touch. Does the job nicely :slight_smile:

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Derp. I didn’t even think of that. I have a Brother label maker in the basement … somewhere. If you don’t hear from me again, send a search party down to the basement.

I have tried Sharpie (and it was actual Sharpie even though they are rare brand in here), but it won’t last. It seems ok when you write and try to smudge it, but after few days half of markings are gone. I’m not sure in what occasion I touch it, but it happens if I don’t pay attention to it.

Now I identify my two cores as “the clean one” and “the one with Sharpie smudges”.

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Micro sharpie numbers on the USB connector work for me. They seem to last since I don’t touch that area.