Known issues with sparks send out from kickstarter campaign?

Hi all,

I am an absolut newbee and finally unboxed my two sparks this evening. However I have the impression that at least one of the sparks must be broken. I am doing exactly the same on both sparks, however one does connect to WIFI and the other one doesn’t.

Does anybody know if there was a broken badge of sparks send out?


What do you mean by broken?

  1. Are the leds lighting up?

2, What is the RGB led light status?

Every core is tested before sending but damage might occur during shipping so you will need to let us know what’s the issue you are facing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I already received a response from the support. My issue was resolved with manually flashing an updated firmware on the sip. Now everything works fine on both sparks :).



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