Jetbrains CLION IDE

I want to set up a proper Dev environment that allows me to use ST-Link, breakpoints, trace backs, watching variables etc.

I know there is some guides to getting this setup with Eclipse/Netbeans but I would prefer to use CLION from Jetbrains. Has anyone managed/tried to get this working?


I’m no CLion expert, but I don’t know that it supports gnu make yet. So you’d be able to code in the app, but not build from CLion. Local development and building of firmware uses gnu make IIRC.

CLion looks like it supports gdb, so you might be able to get debugging working.

Maybe someone has gotten the whole ball of wax working. If so, that’d be cool. I like Jetbrains’ stuff and would totally use CLion if it’d work.

I would also love a CLion plugin… I’m guessing it’s a big lift though to get all the cloud integration in place. But I’m guessing you could at least get a basic environment in place that would run the particle CLI builds as a script during CLion build. As opposed to a full CMake project.

Anyway just wanted to +1, let me know if you figured anything out here!