Issues after CLI Tool update


I recently updated my cli tool and now some of my automated onboarding scripts have broken. After updating the CLI tool, when I try to call the particle identify command i get the below error:

Could not get device info, ensure the device is in listening mode: No data returned from serial port for device info

Has anyone come across this or does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot further?

This error seems to be coming from this method in the repo:


I have also tried putting the device in listening mode from the CLI tool first, to no avail.

Is the device in listening mode? If it is not, I get that error.

If it is in listening mode, I get a normal response back.

What device and what version of Device OS is on the device?

B5SOM 524 (I'm almost certain the same issue is happening with BSOM 404)
Device OS 4.2.0

One of the previous updates to the CLI tool, made it so the device did not need to be in listening mode though right? Has this reverted again?

CLI version

Yes, it was changed. In 3.21.0 it wasn't necessary to put the device in listening mode to use particle identify however this caused other issues. In 3.23.5 it was changed to use the old method unless the device is running 6.0.0 or later, in which case it uses the control request method and does not require listening mode.

Ok I just tried some more and am still seeing intermittent issues with identify.

It only seems to only work once also. Where is the best place to keep up to date on cli tool changes like this, the github?

Thanks for you help BTW

The only time I've seen that occur is if you are in the process of connecting (blinking green), which sometimes prevents control requests from being handled in a timely fashion. Thus start-listening doesn't take effect immediately. Once the device actually starts blinking dark blue, then the identify works.

If that's not what's happening, I'm not sure what would cause that.

Yes, the latest release notes for the CLI are in the releases section on Github.

Ok it can work more than once, but the behavior is really unstable.

Is there an easy way to get the installer for 3.21.0 again? I found a link to old installer files in the documentation but they just returned 404 errors.

It doesn't seem to be a connecting issue, because if I wait for the device to be breathing cyan before particle start listening I still see the same intermittent behavior.

Is my best bet to try and revert the cli tool or to upgrade to 6.1.0 device os?

It would be interesting to know if the problem goes away with the old CLI, because the change that reverted the serial identify behavior should just have changed the code back to the way it was.

Well it works perfectly with 6.1.0 anyway. Is there much risk to upgrading my devices to 6.1.0, obviously it isn't an rc release?

Is there a way to grab the .exe files for older CLI versions? It seems like they are excluded from the github repo.

6.1.0 should be safe. It's basically 5.8.0 with some additional support for device protection. It should be stable on Gen 3.

There isn't a good way to get older installers for Windows. There is for versions 3.23.0 and later, on the versions page but not for versions prior to that.

Ok thanks for the help Rick.

Those links on the versions page are the links that return 404 errors, so unfortunately I can't download to check if the old CLI tool works.


The historical Windows installer versions download links should be fixed now.

Also, there's a new version of the CLI that was just released that has some additions and fixes for Wi-Fi configuration.