Issue with particle serial library?

I’ve included the following library:#include <ParticleSoftSerial.h>

I told it to include all the files (2 files in total) in the project.

Getting this issue when trying to compile:

lib/ParticleSoftSerial/src/ParticleSoftSerial.h:38:53: fatal error: SparkIntervalTimer/SparkIntervalTimer.h: No such file or directory
 #  include "SparkIntervalTimer/SparkIntervalTimer.h"


It seems the library isn’t updated to libs2.0 yet. You might want to copy the files manually and changed the include mentioned in the error output.

How do you copy the files manually? Cloud does not allow for file uploads?

That should do the trick, though you’ll have to make sure the file names in the tabs match the includes in the code.

I named it the same, and getting the same error when validating the code.

Including a screenshot so you can see the file is there.

One thing confuses me though. The file is there, and I cannot click the save button. If I try to close it, it says it will delete the file from the project?

Have you changed the include in the library? The double path is no longer required, and as such should be removed.

I’m presuming this is the infringing code:

#if defined(_PARTICLE_BUILD_IDE_)
#  include "SparkIntervalTimer/SparkIntervalTimer.h"
#  include "SparkIntervalTimer.h"

Also seems I’m unable to modify the file: ParticleSoftSerial.h from the library imported in my project?

If you’ve copied & pasted those files, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making edits.

That’s odd :confused:
I have migrated that lib to 2.0 already a while ago.

But I noticed some glitch in Web IDE when adding a library and building immediately thereafter.
Once you edit and save the project things should clear up.

I’ll have to test again

Just load the default example that comes with it, it has the same issue.

Ok, long story short, this is what i’m trying to do:

Is there a better way / better library that works?

My lib is the only SoftSerial lib I’m aware of for Particle so far and it does work - I’m uploading 0.0.4 in a few minutes.
Stay tuned.

I find that little amusing tho’

I have re-uploaded the lib (with minor changes like removing the deprecated #if defined() section) but seem to have issues to publish it at the moment.

You can now try again.
The 0.0.4 sample does build for me without issue now.

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Compiled ok here too!

Will test the rest tomorrow, calling it a night…