[ISSUE] "Settings are invalid" when creating new project

Whenever I create a new project in workbench, it immediately says “settings are invalid”. When I select “fix”, it only gives me options for “photon”, “p1”, and “electron” (not argon).

If I open the source code, I am then able to run “configure project for device,” and all the other devices (argon, etc.) are present. After completing those options, the project operates normally.

This isn’t critical because I’m eventually able to get the project set up, but it is a slight hassle each time. Any suggestions?

Whenever I create a new project in workbench, it immediately says “settings are invalid”

that's odd. i suppose if you've accidentally set your "user" level settings to use a different platform, you can override the default toolchain configuration and cause this error. for example:

to get things back in order, just make sure the "user" level is selected and that the "Target Platform" is set to photon (as shown above). going forward, you should only set those options at the "Workplace" level or better yet only set them using our helper commands or the links in the status bar (bottom-most blue bar).

with that in place, you should be able to create new projects without issue. try this:

  1. run the Particle: Create New Project command (docs), wait for your new project to open
  2. open the ./src/<project name>.ino file in your new project
  3. in the bottom-most bar, look for the deviceOS@1.0.1 text, click and select the version you'd like to use (v1.3.1 was just released and will soon become the new default).
  4. wait for the toolchain to download and install - you should see a "working" notification in the bottom-right corner of the VSCode screen as we as see progress in the bottom bar.
  5. optionally, update your target platform by clicking the photon text in the bottom bar, and selecting a different platform (e.g. argon).

if you haven't seen them already, we have docs over here

learn more about how VSCode manages settings over here

hope it helps!

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The problem seems to have been fixed even though it in a sightly different way. I set the options at the user level, and now I don’t get that strange problem.

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