Project Folder Setup


I’m very new and trying to flash a code to my Photon. I am using the Workbench and am not interested in using the online IDE.

My issue is the proper setup of the project folder. I reviewed the following two pages:

  1. Workbench | Tutorials | Particle
  2. Workbench | Quickstart | Particle

These contain some info about the project folder, but I cannot find any guide that gives details about how to actually setup the project folder properly for a given project. All these links give are some pictures of a “small sample project” which contains multiple sub-folders and files but give no reference as to what these do and how they should be properly setup.

Could someone please direct me to a guide for setting up a new project and how to ensure all the necessities are in place so a code can be uploaded properly and work?

P.S. I have a code that I KNOW WORKS. It has been used for years on Particle Photons by my predecessors and had no issues. These predecessors 1) no longer work with my company, 2) were using Particle Dev, not Particle Workbench.

The setup of a project folder is done via the Particle: Create New Project task


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