[ISSUE] Particle workbench welcome screen?

Anyone else having trouble with the workbench in Visual Studio Code? Until a couple of days ago, I got the welcome screen without a hitch, but loaded up on Thursday and when I click the particle logo, I no longer see:

all I get is this:

It shows the “particle workbench: welcome” in the heading on the sidebar, but no window anymore. Anyone else seeing this? Couldn’t find anything searching the forum.

Is it possible that you ticked this? I think the default is ticked.

no, that’s still unchecked. haven’t changed anything at all really, I think there was a VSCode update at some point but I’m not sure. Also if I click the particle icon, which used to bring up that screen, nothing comes up now.

additional info:

This is a Windows 10 PC running VS Code 1.40.1 and the latest particle CLI. Everything works fine on my Mac. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the workbench, going to try the same with VS Code.

While the “home screen” hasn’t really anything I’d be missing without it I’m also running Win10 (Pro 64bit) and VSC v1.40.1 and Workbench Core 1.7.0 and do see the “home screen”.

It shows the “particle workbench: welcome” in the heading on the sidebar, but no window anymore.

:thinking: hm. that’s super-weird. couple of things you could check:

  • from VSCode’s main menu, select “Help” > “Toggle Developer Tools” then when that panel appears, switch over to the “console” tab, try to launch the “Welcome” screen, and look for any interesting errors

  • from VSCode’s main menu, select “View” > “Output”, then try to launch the “Welcome” screen, and then cycle through the various logs (look for the drop-down menu in the panel toolbar top-right) and look for any interesting errors.

beyond that, i would simply recommend you confirm you are running the latest version of VSCode (as of this post, v1.40.1) and Particle Workbench (currently v1.7.0).

if you spot anything, please share it here and i’ll take a look :+1:

UPDATE: That error shown below helped me out, turns out it’s a vscode issue with some extensions not playing nice and some of the settings getting leftover even after uninstall/reinstall. I uninstalled ALL of my extensions in vscode, deleted everything related in the vscode extensions folder, restarted vscode and installed particle workbench and the related extensions ONLY and it’s working again.

welp I’ve uninstalled everything, including vscode, deleted all the relevant folders per the instructions here:


and now not only do I not see the welcome screen, I can’t run any of the commands from the command palette. For any command I get something like this:


I’m out of ideas at this point, short of uninstalling and reinstalling windows… At least CLI still works, and it everything works on my mac still, but would like to have it running on my windows machine as well because it’s my main dev computer.

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