[ISSUE] GDB Server Timeout


I’m having an issue where it is waiting for the gdb server to load.

I noticed this behavior today on my VS code. I haven’t seen it before.
It looks like in a past issue this was brought up and fixed.
[ISSUE] Failed to launch OpenOCD GDB Server: Timeout

But I was not able to solve my issue by going through that thread.

Help Request:
I am looking to have this error not show up, and have GDB load.

Here is the screen I get, and if I close it it re-opens.

Here is my settings.json file.

Noticed the same problem today.

After some digging I found that the dependency extension Cortex-Debug received a major update from v0.3.13 to v0.4.0 on 11/08/2021. As described in the already mentioned issue, I installed the previous version (v0.3.13) of the Cortex-Debug extension.

This solved the problem, I guess until the particle devs update their own extension accordingly.