Having trouble with particle debug

Hi i was having trouble using the particle debugger in the VS ide, when running it tells me these errors

Launching GDB: "C:\\Users\\name\\.particle\\toolchains\\gcc-arm\\9.2.1\\bin\\arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe" -q --interpreter=mi2
    IMPORTANT: Set "showDevDebugOutput": "raw" in "launch.json" to see verbose GDB transactions here. Very helpful to debug issues or report problems
Launching gdb-server: "C:\\Users\\name\\.particle\\toolchains\\openocd\\0.11.0-particle.4\\bin\\openocd.exe" -c "gdb_port 50000" -c "tcl_port 50001" -c "telnet_port 50002" -s "C:\\Users\\name\\.particle\\toolchains\\openocd\\0.11.0-particle.4\\share\\openocd\\scripts" -f "c:/Users/name/.vscode/extensions/marus25.cortex-debug-1.12.1/support/openocd-helpers.tcl" -f "interface\\cmsis-dap.cfg" -f "target\\stm32f2x.cfg" -c "CDRTOSConfigure FreeRTOS"
    Please check TERMINAL tab (gdb-server) for output from C:\Users\name\.particle\toolchains\openocd\0.11.0-particle.4\bin\openocd.exe
Finished reading symbols from objdump: Time: 109 ms
C:\Users\name\.particle\toolchains\gcc-arm\9.2.1\bin\arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe: warning: Couldn't determine a path for the index cache directory.
ERROR: GDB major version should be >= 9, yours is 8
GDB session ended. exit-code: 0
GDB could not start as expected. Bad installation or version mismatch. See if you can start gdb from a shell prompt and check its version (Must be >= 9)

Im pretty sure it has something to do with my version of gdb off the last couple of lines of errors, but everywhere i look online leads me to a dead end, Im doing this on windows if that is at all relevant it seemed like alot of the solution online were suggesting using linux

Thanks for any help

The most likely reason is that there is a copy of GDB 8 in your path from a different build tool or possibly an older version. The easiest solution is to search for "arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe". The copies in .particle/toolschains/gcc-arm are fine, there could be 9.2.1 and a 10.something version in that directory, but pay attention to anything that's in a different directory.

Some possibilities include bin directories for Cygwin, mingw, wsl, or a toolchain for a non-Particle board. First try renaming suspect binaries, such as by renaming the file by adding an 8 at the end of the filename. You could also try reordering your environment include paths.

I think i have the correct path at the top of my env

but i'm still getting the same error

That's weird. If you use Particle: Launch CLI to open a CLI window, what happens when you do:

arm-none-eabi-gdb --version

my path mightve not saved after i took the photo it is currently this,

this is the reponse i got with my path being this

ok it seems that the 9.2.1 doesnt have the arm-none-eabi-gdb file in it
its in 10.2.1
but when i try to debug it uses the 9.2.1 route