Is there an issue currently with Web IDE build?

It seems that the compilation does not work correctly today?

My code was working few days ago, and now it seems that the compilation does not replace variable by the correct value…
Ex: int Smoke = D0;

I think that there is no replacement of “Smoke” by “D0” in the code during compilation with Web IDE build
I have notice that because I have the same code with only “D0” (no variable) and it work
It seems that is the same for server [] character… so there is no possibility of HTTP request.

I’m not sure to be clear but if someone has find the same issue… do we have a solution?

Nobody meet this issue?
If I put D0 everywhere in my code, it work.
If I count on web IDE build to replace “D0” by “Smoke” everywhere (int Smoke = D0;) the code doesn’t work!

I confirm that this code was running before without any issue

Could you try #define Smoke D0? Also, would you mind posting your complete code so we can get an idea of where things might go wrong. Any error logs would also be great.

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@JP2M, if you declared Smoke at the top of your app, before setup() then it would be a global variable and should work fine. If you declared it in setup() or loop() then Smoke is local to function you declared it in and would not be “seen” globally. As @Moors7 pointed out, your best bet is to share you code so we can take a look. :smile:

Thank you @Moors7 it work with #define Smoke D0 instead of int Smoke = D0; (event I don’t understand why…)
But I still have issue with the server… char server[] = "";

What could explain that the web IDE build was working before and not now?

Glad to see you’ve got it working.
Like we mentioned above, it’s extremely hard to debug something without seeing any actual code. So I’d like to, again, request if you could post your full code here?

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