Web IDE programming environment

I also submitted this as a “question” (I think of my input being more accurately classed as “bug reports”).

It appears that your Web IDE environment has an undocumented pre-assigned variable named “try”. I had previously reported that “DEBUG” is ‘pre-defined’ (on June 20).

When I declared a local variable as “int try;” it was flagged as a dup declaration.
When I tested “#ifdef DEBUG” without a preceding “#define DEBUG” surprise, surprisem the “ifdef” was TRUE! Changing the name to “_DEBUG” worked.

Except for the canned immediate response, I have had no answers to my 2 previous questions. Is anybody home?

Sorry about the “try” comment. I basically treat C++ as just C. My mistake (but C++ fills a much-needed gap, IMHO).

As I think you know now, try and catch are standard C++ language reserved words.


A similar thing goes for DEBUG or TRACE or any other widely used term.
It’s always best to use unique terms to avoid collisions with commonly used terms - be it by the programming language, the toolchain or anybody else contributing libraries.
Using common terms in a global scope will inevitably cause collisions.