Is there a way to Import "ALL" libaries in to Eagle 6.5 - at once?

I installed LtSpice and tried to use it to export a circuit from Eagle Cad (button in Eagle Cad showed up automatically).

Now, the only Library imported to Eagle Cad 6.5 is LtSpice :frowning:

Is there a faster way than 1 at a time “Use” Library in Eagle Cad ?

Thanks, Bobby

Copy the library files (.lbr) into the /lbr directory for Eagle.
Load Eagle and without loading any project, click on the drop arrow for Libraries, and then right click and choose ‘select all’. You should see green dots appear next to all of the libraries, indicating that they’ve been activated and made available for use in Eagle.

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Thank You Very Much ! I followed your instructions and all my libraries are now accessible in Eagle Cad.