Is there a place to buy/sell 3rd party shields?

Hi all,

Is there a website / forum where you are able to browse / sell / purchase compatible particle shields, like the mikrobus standard has?

We have a solar charger shield for the electron,
comes with

  • External WDT
  • LT3652 MPPT charge regulator for a nominal 12V solar panel.
  • max17205 fuel gauge,
  • MCP3426 16Bit 2 channel ADC
  • 24AA025E48 MAC / Serial Number
  • MCP23017 IO Expansion to open collector outputs / transistor inputs
  • MikroBus Expansion Header
  • Proprietary Expansion Header
  • Decent size connectors
  • Custom Plastic Enclosure
  • … and more

I’d be happy to sell a few if there is interest.


Is Tindie what you’re looking for?