List of shields?

Is there any resource that lists shields that can be purchased or with open/public PCBs?

Particle has the more well known (presumably stable) ones listed in the store… but I’m curious about more indie stuff.

This is a nice proto-shield:

I also have the sparkfun one, but the form factor is a bit better for the above shield.

What else is out there? Is there a good SD card shield? It’d be simple to design. If it’s not out there should I make one?


To comment on the SD shield, I have one made by @kennethlimcp, in the same form factor as the Particle devices. I’m not sure if he has more of them, but I’ll leave that to him to answer.


@futurebird, I now have an RGB Matrix Shield PCB and parts kit available for driving Adafruit 16x32 and 32x32 RGB Matrix Panels. It plugs into the back of the panel and can drive multiple panels. It is very new and I will be offering on Tindie after I offer to Community members directly. Here is a view of the board:


Shut up and take my money!

Seriously - I want one.

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I made this one ages ago,

it works really well, im about to share a balancing robot project using it :slight_smile: once i have time to tune the PID and actually get it standing by itself (it kinda does but oscillates badly). I’m not selling it, but feel free to make your own boards etc. all the parts are in the BOM

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