Is there a difference between the pre-ordered photons and the Photons that were bought after the pre order?

I bought my Photon as pre-order (one of the 10,000) and I would like to know if there is a difference between the Photons bought after the pre-order and wail the pre-order was still going?

There’s no difference except for the shipping schedule.

I heard someone on the forums say there was a difference? That the pre-ordered ones use more power because of a chip.

Who and where? Do you have a link?

Nope, they will be exactly the same. They had to postpone manufacturing because there was a faulty component that would have drawn more power. That’s the reason there’s a small delay. They don’t want to send out bad quality products. The first batch was made with correctly working components, so those are fine.
@kennethlimcp, it’s the pinned update by William.

Thanks! I was concerned that the pre-ordered Photons would use more power.

@rpiswag, the Particle team secretly put a SMALL Hadron Collider on the pre-ordered Photon but it takes extra power. The goal was to create new Particles!! :stuck_out_tongue: (Har, har, har… OMG I kill myself)

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