Is it possible to use multiple sonar sensors, a temperature/ humidity sensor, and an accelerometer together?

I will be honest I have no prior coding experience or work with the Particle devices. For school we were tasked to make a project using 2 of the Particle Argons and at least 4 sensors.

I have an idea to make a package for drifting that would include 4 ultrasonic sensors, an accelerometer, and a temperature/ humidity sensor. I would ideally like them all to log the data, but also have the ability of a live readout for the ultrasonic sensors and temperature/humidity.

I was wondering what the feasibility of doing this and if anybody could possibly give input on what would be the best way of hooking the sensors to which argon to get them to communicate best.

I really appreciate any input. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the community-

This is most definitely possible but it will be difficult and I advise exercising caution with anything around drifting. Which ultrasonic sensor do you plan on using? I suggest checking out our docs on the sensors your interested and exploring hackster for similar projects.

Good luck with your project- let me know if you have any other questions!

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