iOS SimpleAuth problems with socket connections

I can’t seem to get the bottom of this one, so I am posting here. This is a similar problem to @domseb 's Problems device ownership doing Simple Authentication in my iOS app although I get a slightly different error in that I can’t claim the device:

“Setup process failed at claiming your Bug, if your Bug LED is blinking blue or green this means that you provided wrong Wi-Fi credentials, please try setup process again”

However, my Photon has successfully connected to wifi (breathing cyan). Here is my relevant code:

func sparkSetupViewController(_ controller: SparkSetupMainController!, didFinishWith result: SparkSetupMainControllerResult, device: SparkDevice!) {
		switch result {
			print("sparkSetupViewController result: SparkSetupMainControllerResult.failureClaiming")
			print("didFinishWith result: \(result)")

@IBAction func addDeviceBtn(_ sender: Any) {
		if let newDeviceSetupController = SparkSetupMainController() {
			let newDeviceCustomization = SparkSetupCustomization.sharedInstance()
			newDeviceCustomization!.deviceName = "Bug"
			newDeviceCustomization!.productMode = true
			newDeviceCustomization!.productId = xxxx   // 4-digit from console
			newDeviceCustomization!.productName = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"   // Exactly as appears in console (with case-matching)
			newDeviceSetupController.delegate = self
			self.present(newDeviceSetupController, animated: true, completion: nil)

And here are the logs I get:

And just to be sure, here is my latest pod update:

Update all pods
Updating local specs repositories

CocoaPods 1.2.1.beta.1 is available.
To update use: gem install cocoapods --pre
[!] This is a test version we’d love you to try.

For more information, see and the CHANGELOG for this version at

Analyzing dependencies
Fetching podspec for Keys from Pods/CocoaPodsKeys
Downloading dependencies
Using 1PasswordExtension (1.8.4)
Using AFNetworking (3.1.0)
Using Firebase (3.15.0)
Using FirebaseAnalytics (3.7.0)
Using FirebaseAuth (3.1.1)
Using FirebaseCore (3.5.2)
Using FirebaseDatabase (3.1.2)
Using FirebaseInstanceID (1.0.9)
Using FirebaseStorage (1.1.0)
Using GTMSessionFetcher (1.1.9)
Using GoogleToolboxForMac (2.1.1)
Using Keys (1.0.0)
Using Spark-SDK (0.6.0)
Using SparkSetup (0.7.0)
Generating Pods project
Integrating client project
Sending stats
Pod installation complete! There are 7 dependencies from the Podfile and 14 total pods installed.

And I also just df-util’ed the Photon so it has the latest firmware.

Any help would be appreciated as Im now at a dead-end!


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @ido are you able to look into this?


@tylercpeacock responded to my support email (Thanks!).

The problem was that I hadn’t added the Photon to my product in my console, as per Tyler’s email:

“A customer can only claim a Product created on the platform, whereas you as a Particle user can claim a Particle device”

@tylercpeacock / @ido, what does this mean for a final product release? That each device made must be manually added into the console before it ships???