iOS setup customization screens

Customization of the on boarding experience on an iOS client app can be done through SparkSetupCustomization class. However, this gives only minimal control over the visual elements. According to @ido as referenced here: we can use the spark-setup-ios storyboard to customize the entire screen layout. However, that would mean that with each update of spark-setup-ios the customized changes are overwritten.

Is there anything planned to overcome this obstacle? I kinda like making the mods through storyboard as that gives me full control but I’d like to stay up to date with later revs of the library also. I can keep it all together by doing manual updates but that isn’t a sustainable process in the long run. Thoughts mr Particle? Can we/I help to do this a bit better?

Bump. Still interested to hear from Particle what the plans are with this library.

I have dug in and started to make whole sale changes to the storyboard to fit my company’s identity but also to bring it into iOS10 (from iOS8). I am sort of OK doing this as the changes are limited to just the storyboard and the assets file. However, I noticed some issues in the code that need changing and soon I will be all over the place - i.e., it will be tough to upgrade later on. Sitting on the fence to do more…

So, what are the plans with this library? It would be good to know what I should stay away from.

@ido not sure if you monitor your github repos regularly but please have a look at this pr i put in:

Have you heard anything from Particle about this? I’m working with a product creator who would also like to customize the setup process more than is currently possible. Having the storyboard, and images outside the framework would be very useful.

@Ric I haven’t heard from Particle. In a email conversation I had with Ido K. last year, he wasn’t much in favor of doing anything similar to the changes I pushed up. The mods I made and provided for the PR continue to support customization through code as described by Particle but also allow you to completely take over the storyboard. So these changes were non-breaking for existing users of the SDK.

However, since the customization method by code is not used when going straight to the storyboard and particle does not seem to be interested in this, I have gone further and am now in the process of completely removing the custom-by-code section as well as upgrading the storyboard to use modern autolayout techniques. The latter is rather much necessary if one wants to provide localizations so that string length etc. is handled by the view automatically. Also localizations can be handled much better then by setting the text strings in the custom method (I did that for backwards compatibility).

Additionally is also an odd runtime issue I get from the original SDK that shows something is running off the main thread that shouldn’t and I mean to fix that also.

Long story short, I will probably just continue on a seperate git repo and abandon folding the code back into the original. Not sure when I have time to push things up…