Steps to releasing Photon device w/custom iOS App

Hi and thanks for reading. A friend and I have made a prototype for an in-home sensor (tracks activity in the house) and are trying to understand the steps we would need in order to run a beta program. Can anyone comment on the plan below, which we’ve pieced together from docs:

  1. We buy some quantity of Particle Photon chips, claim them, and flash them with our code

  2. We build a custom iOS setup app based on and initWithAuthenticationOnly so the user can setup the device on WIFI network without any Particle OAuth.

  3. User gets our custom app and device, pairs them, our custom app can then record/share data from the Photon powered device

Is this correct? Thank you and if there is a place where we can better find this information please feel free to link us.

(edit: btw would like to clarify we are a couple of software engineers with iOS experience and some good EE too, with prototype already running on Particle Photon :))