Interfacing a Piezo Switch

I have scored some piezo push button switches from an old heavy duty intercom and I would like to interface them to a Particle Photon.
They look a little like this:
(no LED inside the light).
From connecting a multimeter, it seems they are momentary action and produce a small voltage spike - around 0.005V

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding circuitry to interface the switch to a Particle Photon and how to use it as an interrupt driven switch?


Would be good to know the exact type.
If your switches work the way as the ones you linked to then they should be used just as any other N/O switch (look at the datasheet provided on that linked site).

Hi Brad
I work for a company that distribute piezo switches - in my experience they work similar to standard momentary SPST momentary switches. But don’t work great if you are trying to “time the press” (hold 3 seconds one function. Hold 6 seconds another function etc…) You need a specific configured piezo switch for this.
Not sure if this effects you at all - but if you are using low voltage low current and you just want to know if they have been pressed - they should be fine

Thanks all. I managed to work it out using your advice. The code definitely needed some denouncing but it works.