Why is Piezo buzzer not working with my Photon?

Hi. I am an beginner to using Photons and electronics in general. I am trying to follow this tutorial from Sparkfun. I flashed successfully but no sounds. I tried it in my Arduino and it works. Any idea why? I tried other pins like A0 and D0.

Could you provide some background what piezo buzzer (or is it a transducer/speaker?) you are using?
And could you shoot us a photo of your setup too?

One major differenc between the Particles and the “average” Arduino is the 3.3V vs. 5V logic on the GPIOs.


On mine, I use analogWrite at different frequencies to give it different tones (you can specify a specific frequency like 60Hz). Are you using analog out? For me, 3.3v was fine

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Thanks a lot for reply @ScruffR. The piezo buzzer i am using is this one.
I tried putting 1k ohm resistor with the buzzer. It starts giving sounds! Quite happy.

@Nimonster I am using tone() with specific frequency. I will try analogWrite as well. Sorry if they are the same, i have very little knowledge of electronics. :smiley: