Interface Temperature Sensors with DAC using Photon

Using particle photon connected with temperature and humidity sensor able to check the readings easily is the only thing I interface right now, But actually I am trying to drive the DC motor using DAC at 0-5V (using VoA and Gnd connection of DAC) but I am not able to run the motor. Don’t know what issue I am facing any intel on this will be very helpful.

The DACs on the Photon will only go up to 3.3V and the current the pin can drive will probably not suffice to drive the motor.

BTW, I guess you don’t mean “VoA” as Voice of America :wink: But what do you mean?

Sorry, I did jump to conclusions here :blush:
You mean you are using an external DAC chip - but to help you with that, could you show what your have tried and how the “not working” does manifest?
Do you see any voltage on the outputs at all (e.g. with a DMM or oscilloscope)?
Does the I2C connection work correctly?
Is 20mA enough for your motor?
Where does your VRef come from?
Where does your VLogic come from?
Can you provide a full wiring schema?