Control Pressure transducer using Particle Photon

Hey I wanted to interface Particle photon with pressure transducer but it requires analog signal to control it from Photon, please suggest low power based DAC hardware

Using 5v DC for particle will be be harmful? Or should I use 3V3 voltage regulator to power photon?

I guess you rather mean ADC, or not?

And the link also spots different kinds of sensors (output: amlified voltage, unamplified voltag or 4-20mA).
Which are you using?

The Photon already has a 5V-3.3V regulator on board.

BTW, the Photon also has already got several ADC pins available and there are also threads in this forum that deal with voltage mapping into the 0-3.3V ADC range or how to use 4-20mA sensors with Particle devices.

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