Photon DAC Possibilities

Can somebody tell me what the possibilities are for the DAC that is going to be present in the Photon? Does this give you more flexibility/options to generate tones? Play MP3 data?


@cloris, here are some ideas.


Any info on the specs of the DAC on the Photon?
I would like to drive an old fashioned meter needle, and need the current / voltage range of the new DAC capability.

You can drive traditional (mechanical) meter using PWM, it will smooth out PWM ripples well enough. Not sure about precision, but if you just need some fancy, old fashioned value display, it should be good enough.

STM32F205 datasheet says 2x 12bit D/A converters, so I suppose audio wouldn’t be a problem. Not sure how easy would be to use DMA on Photon. Teensy does some neat tricks with it.


@lami, only one DAC is mapped to the I/O pins on the Photon. :smile:

What a pity :smile:


That’s a pity indeed. Would it be possible to remap one of the I/O pins so there are 2 available (user firmware adjustments of course :wink: ). Or is there some hardware limitation that prevents this?

@TheHawk1337, I have been wondering that myself, especially for timer driven functions like INPUT CAPTURE. I’ll be tagging @mdma and @satishgn to ask about the remapping. :smile:

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Hmmm… PWM plus some RC smoothing might work! Time to do sum 'sperimentin.

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