Interested in creating book-length Spark learning resources

Apress is in discussions with Spark developers for creating a couple of basic learning resources. The forums are superb, but we realize many new-to-topic users would also appreciate a curated book or two (digital and print) as well. We’re interested in a general introduction to Spark and sub cats, as well as a cookbook-style series of tutorials users can follow and extrapolate to their own creative uses. Single-author approaches and multiple-author collaborations are both quite workable. Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Purely out of interest, how is that different of what’s being done here:

A logical question, yes. Apress brings its core skill-sets as a tech publisher to the endeavor:

  1. Editorial: content development for pedagogical effectiveness (both on chapter level and on the level of an entire book’s worth of curated material); technical review for accuracy and overall QA; copy editing.
  2. Production: optimized information design and layout; indexing and tagging; conversion to PDF, mobi and ePub formats.
  3. Distribution: The books are made available as digital downloads, plus print, through Amazon,, Google Play Books, Apple iTune Bookstore, Safari Books Online, and myriad other channels. They’re also made available for all subscribers to our parent company’s SpringerLINK service, by chapter. That number alone expands the reach potential by several million.