Integration (Webhook) Naming Conflict Question

I have two environments, Sandbox and "MyOrg". Within MyOrg I have "MyProduct". When I created webhook "X" in the Sandbox (not part of any Product) and placed the same webhook "X" in MyOrg-MyProduct, the webhook fired twice with each call from devices runing in MyOrg-MyProduct. Disabling "X" in the Sandbox resolved that.

Now I have "MySandboxProduct" in the Sandbox and would like to add "X" to that. So X will exist in MyOrg-MyProduct and in Sandbox-MySandboxProduct. It will not exist in the "root" Sandbox. Will devices in MyOrg-MyProduct that call X also trigger the invocation of X in Sandbox-MySandboxProduct and vice versa?

Hope that makes sense.

Hi @sensorcheck -

Hhmm, I might be wrong here, but my understanding is that you can limit which devices trigger a webhook in the "devices dropdown" when setting up the webhook?

Regards, Friedl.