Integration question before leaving sandbox and upgrading to Growth

I have one Particle account and three products.The three products match different hardware configurations each of which runs its own app. All of the products use common integrations that are defined at the account level. There are no integrations defined at the product level. One of my products is approaching the upper limits of the Sandbox for Data Operations and Cellular Data. When I upgrade to Growth for this product must I touch my integrations?

Maybe. We recommend using product-level integrations wherever possible.

However, if you have claimed all devices to a single account and are using integrations in that account, you can continue to do so after migrating to growth (or enterprise).

Thanks. Can they exist in both locations with the same name? If yes and if I clone the integrations so that they exist in both locations is there a runtime resolution hierarchy on the server side?

You can have the integration in both the product and the claimed owner account with the same event name, however beware as the integration will trigger twice.

We recommend using product integrations for several reasons:

  • It keeps all of the stuff with the product
  • It allows the use of unclaimed product devices, which will simplify your device onboarding process
  • It allows firmware developers to claim product devices to their own account, which makes it easy to flash firmware directly from Particle Workbench, Web IDE, or CLI.

Quick update: I copied the integration to the product and disabled the same integration in the sandbox. It worked perfectly. No data loss. For webhook users, note that there are additional json objects in the data coming in to the integration when moved from the sandbox to the product. These are: “userid”: , “version”:, “public”:, and “productID”: .


Quick update: Moving our product to the growth plan in May was the best move we could have made. And with our cellular data usage now improved (see other threads) our utilization is consistent and balanced between cellular data used and data operations used:


Couple of tips for anyone considering an upgrade to Growth:

  • The day of the month that your plan is enabled becomes "day 1" of your monthly usage cycle going forward.
  • Your account does not leave the sandbox. Your Product(s) "leaves the sandbox". Your account still includes a working sandbox in addition to your Growth plan.
  • There may be incentive plans from Particle to check into before upgrading. Leo Ambrosi is awesome to work with! He found a great incentive plan for us and helped us through the entire process.

Hey Sensorcheck!
Thanks for the shoutout, glad we were able to keep you two moving along!
Community, feel free to reach out via email if this is something that fits your model!