Account-level integrations vs product-level integrations

Hi guys,

We are currently experiencing some issues with events being sent to GCP, for some of the units, the integrations are not triggered. I’ve looked into the problem and it seems that devices that are under products are not triggering the integration under the account level.

Do we have to replicate all the integrations on each product? Seems like tedious work to keep all integrations synced across all products. Are we doing something wrong?


Integrations are best done in each product. This is required for unclaimed product devices and for products using customer accounts.

If you claim all of your devices to a single account, then integrations could be in the owner’a account, however this means that developer devices, claimed to the developers account, would not trigger integrations.

Integrations in the product owners account are never triggered, unless the product owner also has claimed the device.

Thank you @rickkas7 !

OK, in this case, I think we will move all units into a product. Is there a limit on how many units we can add to a product?

There’s a limit of 100 devices in a free sandbox product.

Once the devices are in a product, however, the product can be migrated to the growth or enterprise plan without changes. There is no limit to the number of devices in either growth or enterprise.

There’s more information about the difference between sandbox and organization products and device claiming in the creating a product tutorial.

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