initWithSetupOnly equivalent for Device Library in Android SDK?

iOS sdk offers initWithSetupOnly mode through which we can allow customer to setup WiFi without claiming the device, what is the equivalent for the same in Android SDK?

@rickkas7 might be able to help here.

@rickkas7 can you help?

As far as I can tell it’s missing. Or at least I couldn’t find it either. The best way to resolve that would be to create a github issue in the spark-setup-android repository so the Android engineer can see and prioritize a fix, as it probably should support it as iOS does.

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Opened an issue here:

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Thanks all for the help. I have another issue with IOS on initWithSetupOnly. @kennethlimcp it seems the deviceId is not set when the result is SparkSetupMainControllerResultSuccessNotClaimed? if you look at line 397, the deviceId gets set inside checkDeviceIsClaimed which only gets called if needToClaimDevice is true and it seems that is always set to false if we use initWithSetupOnly?

I have opened to track it, let me know your thoughts. @rickkas7

This feature has been recently added to the Android SDK, be sure the install/download latest release.
Has not been officially documented yet, but can be used right now. Exactly the same principle as in iOS.