Can Spark Setup Library claim a Spark Core?

So I tried to setup my core with this library in my app.
My core was in listening mode(blinking blue). But I couldnt setup my device with this. I guess I need to use different library to setup and claim my core because of how core and photon uses different techniques(smartconfig and softap). Can you guys help me with this? Thanks in advance.

To claim a device to your account the device needs to be breathing cyan (or magenta) to receive the claim code from the cloud.

But if you only want to setup your own device you can use CLI - or is there a particular reason why you are still developing for a “deprecated” platform?

I’m not only claiming it actually. I want to set wi-fi credentials and claim it. Doesn’t breathing cyan mean its connected to the cloud? I want it to setup wifi and claim afterwards.

And yes. This is my intership project and they had core that’s why I’m working on the Core.

If you don’t have to use the Android library, you can still set the WiFi credentials via CLI or even via any Serial Terminal program.