Initial pairing and update fails - Argon

My fresh Argon is struggling to get through the initial update phase. It keeps unexpectedly disconnecting from Bluetooth at various percentages of uploads. Any tips or tricks to get through this?

There are some issues with other mobile devices as described in this thread. What device are you using?

iPhone 8 64GB. I also tried the particle-cli flash of the hybrid bin but it still tries to update. I have an old iPhone 7 that I booted up to try but the camera is cracked on that. With no way to manually type in the SN I was unable to test that process out.

You might want to track this master issue: Particle Mesh Known Issues and Fixes I expect that new app releases will be announced there.

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Thanks! I will watch.

Just adding a data point. I was able to successfully pair and update my boron device. Same phone and everything. Something is funky with that argon.

My second Argon showed up today. That one worked first try. Same phone, etc.
My first Xenon paired first try as well. Since then no Xenon’s have been able to pair to either the Argon or the first Xenon. I am willing to provide data if the dev’s would like to have data to assist in quality control. This has been a realitively frustrating day :wink:

Alright, more data points.

On the Argon that works, when I destroy the mesh and build it out from scratch, I am able to pair Xenon’s into the mesh using the add another device button. This includes Xenon’s that were previously struggling. When I exit that wizard and just add a Xenon through the main menu I can pair and update firmware but wether I use a Xenon or Argon as a pair mate it fails, every time.

I can consistently recreate this. I have not tried the original Argon again. Will tackle that in the morning.

Sorry to hear that. We’ve seen a couple instances of that being caused by old firmware on the device. @mstanley or @ParticleD can you help out here?

Hey nctiggy,

We have a couple of things we could do to look into this. Would you mind submitting a support ticket with us so we can look into this further?