Information: How to report bugs and provide feedback

Hey folks!

Because Particle Workbench is still in developer preview, we’re excited to work with members of the community to identify and improve issues with current and future versions of the Particle Workbench extension for Visual Studio Code.

Some quick guidelines about submitting issues:

  • Please complete a search in the community for your issue before creating a new thread. This will ensure that the issues that are raised and resolved in the community are easier to identify as open or resolved.
  • Please include [ISSUE] - as the prefix to your issue thread so that it can be more easily identified.
  • Please ensure you have tested your issue using the latest version of the extension before submitting a bug. You can find the latest version of the visx extension by following the Installation Tutorial.
  • Please include the following information with all bug reports so that we can effectively reproduce and resolve the issue.
    • Steps required to Reproduce your issue
    • Does your issue occur when all extensions are disabled? (Launch with code --disable-extensions to check.)
    • Information about your environment

Run the Particle: Audit Environment command (see menu: View > Command Palette…), then include the NON-SENSITIVE data from the report in your post.

If you are running a version of the Workbench without the Audit Environment command, please provide the following:

- VSCode Version:
- Visual Studio Code Version:
- OS Version:
- Other extensions installed:

Thanks for helping us test and improve Particle Workbench! Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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