Reporting issue with particle workbench extension on windows 11(possibly windows 10)

Hello, I'm using Particle Workbench for school, and I'm on a windows machine. after downloading workbench i encountered an issue. Essentially there were 2 node modules in particle-cli that were misnamed or had the incorrect file extension.

1st issue:
node module timed-out
this node module does not have the index.js file instead it has an index.js.delete.somerandomnumbershere file. changing the file extension to just be index.js fixes the error

2nd issue:
node module underscore
this node module has the incorrect file name it is called underscore-min.js, but should be named underscore.js and when the files of these 2 modules are fixed you can then use particle-cli

without fixing these issues you are unable to use particle-cli at all. since i only just started using particle workbench i dont know if this was an issue in the past but it seems to be simple to fix anyways, but it is very unintuitive for most starting to use the software(example: college students using particle workbench)

I'm sorry you ran into this issue. Would you be able to run the VS Code command Particle: Audit Environment and send me the results in a private message? This would help us understand if there's something specific to your system that caused this issue.

If you rename the directory %userprofile%\AppData\Local\particle to particle-backup and run the VS Code command Particle: Install CLI Dependencies, does the CLI installation work the second time around? If yes, you can delete the particle-backup directory. If not, you can rename particle-backup back to particle.