Information: Particle CLI Wrapper `v1.0.0` Update

hey all :wave:

we recently updated the CLI wrapper binaries that Workbench uses to facilitate certain commands (Particle: Cloud Compile, Particle: Install Library, etc) in order to make use of a newer version of Node.js. as of Workbench Core v1.2.0 these new wrapper bins will be included by default.

the CLI will attempt to upgrade itself regardless and you may experience some bumps in the process. if you hit problems, the recommended fix is:

if you’ve installed the Particle CLI stand-alone

  1. run the updated CLI installer
  2. open a terminal (on windows, powershell or cmd.exe)
  3. run particle update-cli in the terminal you’ve launched
  4. open VSCode
  5. run the Particle: Update CLI command

if you’ve only ever used the Particle CLI within Workbench

  1. make sure you update to the latest (v1.2.0 as of posting this)
  2. run the Particle: Update CLI command

in both cases, you should see your CLI instance updated - to confirm, check the local version of node:

on linux & mac:


should include a directory named like node-v8.15.0-<darwin / linux>-x64

on windows:


should include a directory named node-v8.15.0-windows-x64

please post to this thread and share what you’ve experienced so we can be sure to smooth things out for next time.

thanks :pray:


No problems here, other than my apparent failure to follow instructions. :slight_smile:

I missed the “If you hit problems…” bit, and jumped right into updating particle-cli before I’d updated VSCode/Workbench. Then I was wondering why my ~/.particle/node-vFOO was an older version.

But once I updated the IDE, everything was fine.

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