Include libraries duplicates existing libraries. deleting one deletes both

whats going on? is there some way to edit off line? online is painful

You might need to give us more information to assist you in this. :slight_smile:

Did you use the libraries available or added your own? Try closing the browser and test again.

Hi kenneth

added my own. Can I attach screenshots. It is a repetitive issue. Is there an offline editor? The online interface is annoying and seemingly buggy

Sorry about that!

There’s an issue with the library feature and a fix is scheduled to be pushed to production on Monday or Tuesday.

Yes you can attach screenshot and show us. Otherwise, if you can share the code, I will be able to help test it. :slight_smile:

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the response. All fixed now. How do I share code in the online editor?

You will need to use something like Github Gist or simply paste here with the formatting:

         Paste your code here