Online editor doubles files and than they deleted

Help needed now!
I Am working on a project, using the online IDE and suddenly all my files are duplicated, and when I start to remove the double files most of the others disappear!!!

Is there a backup and if so how can I rescue my work?

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Let’s see if @dave can help out here :scream:
(Ping @suda as well for the IDE)

At this point in time I am not laughing @Moors7! :wink:
Let’s how well the auto backups function…

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@marcus could you PM me your Build IDE URL? It should contain hash ID of your app. I’ll do my best to help.


See? Crazy Huh!

It looked like the code was back, but not, so i deleted this post

I pulled the revisions that we had and emailed @marcus a copy, hopefully that helps recover the project!


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thanks. I hope this won’t happen again, grrr :wink:

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Good service guys, data is retained and used again.

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Hi this is occurring again for me now, yikes! How to resolve?

Could you try just reloading the page? I think it’s mostly a UI issue rather than an actual duplication of files.

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