IFTTT Pro pay service and Google integration

Hi there. I am sorry if this question has been asked already, I could not find it. With IFTTT becoming a pay service, does anyone have an example of using integrations directly with Google Home actions?

Three apps (what IFTT free lets you have now) is not enough and I would like to avoid pay services.



Hey Brian, since I do not use any Google Actions it’s hard for me to give you any interesting thoughts.

One thing that comes to mind is this: would it be possible for you to create a few IFTTT accounts with different email addresses to circumvent the limit?



That is an interesting idea. I had not thought of that. If the limit to three apps were the only problem I think I would try that out. However, they are also slowing down the free teir. There are lots of people complaining about this and other issues.

I had thought that if we could just “go direct” it would speed things up and not rely on a third party that could change thier business model.

Thankl you for your responce.


yeah, I guess IFTTT needed to capitalize on their product a bit more.

Anyhow, you are talking about these Google Actions, right?

Can you give an example?

I searched a bit and could not find an API that we could use to control Actions… (so far)

another question:

do you want a Particle device to trigger a Google Action, is that what you are after?

Perhaps this Google Assistant Relay can be of help?

My goal is to gave google Assitant to trigger a function on my photon. In my case it will be turning on lights or opening/closing my garage amoung other things.

I used the term Google Actions becuase I searched for help and found that there is a Google Actions system that is supposed to do this kind of thing but reqires a lot of set up and seems very difficult ro get working. https://developers.google.com/assistant/smarthome/overview

I was hoping that perhaps the Webhooks integration could be made to work with this.There by bypassing the setup of my own “cloud” frontend.

Does that help / make sense?

ok, and google assistant on your phone? If so, I’ve tried something in the past with Tasker. I documented what I did on this Hackster project.

I think with the autovoice plugin we can talk to our phone to execute a tasker task that will in time trigger a Particle cloud function.

Thanks for the idea but as I said I would like to avoid paid sevices. otherwise I wouuld just pay for IFTTT.

I was hoping for a way to directly connect particle cloud to Google with the Action console.

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Hi Brian,
I came across this today in case it helps.

Also, if you find (or already found) a solution, post it here if you do not mind for future visitors :slight_smile: