IF recipes creating Spark.Dashboard event

I don’t know if it is intentional that IF recipes are creating Dashboard events - so if this is the case than ignore this :smile:
Here is a snapshot of my dashboard showing ‘91’ events which are reflecting a cloud variable:

They actually belong to my IFTTT recipe:

And even disableing it does not turn off the dashboard events. It does turn off the iOS event defined in the recipe.

Is this a bug?


@Dave or @jtzemp might be able to help on this.

These events are even generated for ‘device came online’/ ‘device went offline’ recipes, here is the data:


Hi @MarkusL

Any event that starts with “spark” is reserved for the cloud infrastructure to use on your behalf, so yes these are intentional and not a bug.

You can in fact use these with IFTTT recipes to see when you core when offline and came back on.

Hi @bko,

good to know - this was only a coincicence that I had a recipe on online/offline.
Then back to the cloud variable based recipes: here is the data from the beginning of this thread which floods the dashboard even if disabled. Also of you had it enabled and then delete the recipe it still triggers:


the events stop if I reload the page with the dashboard.

Maybe we should let @jeiden and @jtzemp know that reloading the dashboard makes it stop.

Can you reproduce this problem anytime you want or is it sporadic?

these are the steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. create a recipe to monitor a cloud variable triggering an iOS notification
  2. open the dashboard & and wait for the first event to arrive
  3. disable the recipe

The notations on the phone stop after the last step but the dashboard still gets the events. Even after deleting the recipe the events still arrive. Reloading the dashboard does not stop them, even closing the page and reopening does not help any more.