Spark variable not understood by IFTTT

In the terminal I check the value of the variable:

2112-2:~ futurebird$ spark get isClosed
polling server to see what cores are online, and what variables are available
Retrieving cores... (this might take a few seconds)
2112-2:~ futurebird$ 

So, isClosed = 1. My IFTTT recipe says:

If isClosed on "copperear" is 0, then send me an SMS at my number.

But, when it’s on it keeps texting me. Over and over saying which should only happen if isClosed = 0 even though it’s 1.

Anyone know why?

Hi @futurebird!

IFTTT gives us very little information to go on, which means we don’t know when a recipe is created or destroyed, or when a setting is changed. As you play around with setting up a trigger or setting different guard conditions, IFTTT will send us those triggers individually totally out of context. The cloud tries to compensate for this by continuing to check the trigger until IFTTT stops asking about that particular set of values. So what can happen is you may accidentally create 3-4 extra watches on your device, that need some time to go away.

If you change the variable name you’re checking in your recipe, or in your firmware, you can stop getting notifications for that recipe, or eventually those other virtual triggers should go away on their own. I can see those extra rules lingering around for your device, so I’ll disable them in the meantime which should help. :slight_smile: