Spark and IFTTT Issues


Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere - I couldn’t find anything with search though.

I want IFTTT to email me when my garage door is open. I have setup Spark to return a variable called door (whether my garage door is open or closed) on digitalread of 0 or 1 ok. When I CURL the Spark, i get the correct return - either 0 (closed) or 1 (open).

On IFTTT, I can see the Variable Name and select it ok. Emails are sent with {{Value}} returning the correct answer of 1 or 0 ok.

But…the problem is emails are constantly sent every 30secs or so regardless of whether the door is open or shut - I have the IF set to IF {{Value}} is GREATER OR EQUAL to 1 than SEND EMAIL. I have tried a range of variations on this argument but consistently get sent emails no matter what the Test Operation or Comparison Value is set to.

Is the problem that the Spark is not actually returning a 1 or 0?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks very much.


I think this might be the issue - will report back if not…


I wish to do the same thing, but could not figure out how to only capture the State Change event…

like this pseudo script…

If temperature on "MyCore" is Greater 72 && temperature on "MyCore" was Less or Equal 72, then send me an iOS notification 

I can’t imagine anyone who needs hundreds of these while the condition remains true…

I’m thinking that the way forward would be to carry out the logic on the Core itself and then use publish only when the event is true.


yup, use a Spark.publish( ) when the state changes… good one… cannot believe i missed that. :wink: