Identify Boron Type in Firmware at run time

We sell our product all over the world so we have LTE Borons and non-LTE Borons. Is there a way at run time to identify which version of Boron the code is running on?

You can query the modem model to differentiate between the 2G/3G and the LTE. The easiest to code is to use the CelliularHelper library and use CellularHelper.getModel().

You can also just look at the source to the library and grab the half dozen lines of code used to implement getModel() and just do that directly using Cellular.command().

The other option is to use hal_get_device_serial_number() to get the serial number. The beginning of the serial number indicates the model:

  • P044 BRN404X
  • P028: BRN404
  • P027: BRN314
  • B31: BRN310
  • B40: BRN402

That will work for me, thanks for the quick response.

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