Determining hardware from Console? BRN402 vs BRN404

Anyone know of an easy way to determine if a device is a BRN402 vs a BRN404 from the cloud console or even making an API call to Particle given a serial number, device ID, etc. I’m beginning to deploy a mix of BRN402s and BRN404s. Currently, I’m relying on the internal SIM only. With BRN404s having ethersim’s I’d like to keep track of what devices in the wild are BRN402s vs BRN404s. Is this solely on me when I deploy them to keep track or is there a way to determine if given a Serial number, Device_ID, EMEI, etc.

If/when a customer indicates they have connectivity issues, I’d like to quickly determine if they have a device with an Ethersim or not.

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@jgskarda ,

Not sure this is 100% deterministic but, for me, BRN402’s have Serial numbers that start with B40… while BRN404s have serial numbers starting with P02.

Is this your observation as well?


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Yup… that must be it! So far I only deployed 2 BRN404s and when I search the console for P02 for serial number only those 2 show up. When I search for B40 the rest of the fleet shows up. Thanks @chipmc

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