IDEAD Studio/Nextion 4.3" display -No Find File-

Using an Argon to run a 4.3" Nextion display. When I load a hmi file onto the SD, install it and cycle power on the display, I get the following:

SD Card Update…

No Find File

Its the basic display and is a few years old, but the demo works a treat. Any advice appreciated.

Although this is not an ITEAD or Nextion forum we can still address this :wink:

The .hmi file is not what the device wants. It is looking for a .tft file which the Nextion Editor “compiles” from your .hmi file.

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@ScruffR this is a side note, but it is amazing the depth and breadth of knowledge that you have. You are a true asset to the forum and I thank you for your willingness to share your skills/knowledge.


Thank you for the info. I realize this is the Particle forum, but the other forums are not very helpful.

I’ve tried both types of files. The tft files throw an error, “too many tft files”, but there is only one file on the sd. Also, I must not have config on the editor set right, as it isn’t generating the tft.

Thanks for the help. Tim

Where have you looked for the .tft file?
That Nextion Editor is somewhat “odd” in its behaviour - I dare say :wink:

The compiled .tft files are placed in a dedicated, not customisable folder you can find via the File - Open build folder menu. It’s typically placed in "%appdata%\Nextion Editor\bianyi"

I’m not sure about the “too many tft files” message - it may well be a misnomer and should rather indicate that the provided .tft file may be incompatible with your display. You need to select the correct display in Nextion Editor in order to get a functional .tft file for your display.

Also be aware that not all versions of Nextion Editor can build for legacy displays.
Which display are you building for? I’m still sticking with v0.53 LTS for the Basic and Enhanced displays.

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I bet its the version then. I have V1.61.1 loaded. I will search out v0.53. Thank you.

Well that didn’t work, but what did was the SD being formatted on Win10 and the tft loaded with Win10. Mac need not apply. Now, the stupid thing is stuck in, “update success”. I am poking a fork in it, I am done. In the trash with it in favor of something more 21st century. Thanks all for the help.

Have you removed the SD card and started it again?
The .tft file will not be removed from the SD card, so whenever you restart the display with the same SD card in, the display will always try to reinstall the same binary over and over but never execute the firmware.

with or with or without it does the same thing. It’s in the bin, never to be seen again.