Anyone know a good font generator for Nextion display?


I been playing around with the Nextion display for a while but not able to get a clean font on the display, the font generator from Nextion editor does not do a good job. Anyone know any font generator that does a good job to generate font for the Nextion display or other ways around this problem? Thanks

Not the answer you’re looking for but in the future go with 4D Systems displays because their software makes picking any font in any size a breeze. They cost more but the software makes it so much easier to get the screen looking how you want it.

Take a shot with “GLCD Font Creator”, its free and i have used it many, many times.
In fact my LCD board that I have shown here on the forum is how i made my 20 different fonts from.
Go here and scroll to the bottom.

@RWB and @seulater thanks for replying. @RWB, unfortunately 4D Systems is way above the price point for production. I am current migrating a product to a touch screen version and need to keep the price as low as possible.

@seulater, I am new to “GLCD Font Creator”, could you give me a few pointers? The Nextion display take .zi font but “GLCD Font Creator” does not allow me to save to .zi format. Any way around this?

Better yet, is anyone selling clean, clear professional font for the Nextion display for a one time reasonable fee?

@sheng, I believe someone developed a .zi font creator. Take a look at this topic on the Nextion support forum:

Another alternative is to place the font on the background screen image you are using and not within the nextion software. So when you add an image to use for the screen, the wording is already there.

@peekay123, Thanks for the link. I been reading up on the forum and trying to figure out a solution. The likely solution is to go in and edit the char one at a time, I am going to try edit a subset and see how it is on the display before I spend a lot of time editing.

@Slimfetz, I thought about what you suggested before making all the numbers and letters into a image and changes it in the code but I might run out of memory and it might be slow. I have a clock and temperature sensors that updates; this might be a problem if I make the numbers and letters into png and updated the screen.

Guess no easy way around the font issue, back to trying things out. Thanks again for the inputs.

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