Nextion Display Library Docs?

I’m trying to use the Nextion library available for inclusion in the online IDE. The headers just say “check the wiki”. Which wiki?

The one link I found has been down for the past few days I’ve been checking.

Anyone know where can I get the docs for the Library?

Have you tried googling “nextion wiki”?

This may have presented you with something like these

Thanks. I had found the rather thin Nextion wiki, but I’m looking for reference docs, not tutorials.

The best I found (when I “ported” the library) was the instruction set docs and the documentation that’s part of the original library repository

The then valid set is also part of my ported repo

Thank you, the docs in your ported repo is what I was looking for.

It would be great if the library within the IDE had a few links to point people in the right direction.

I assume the one in the IDE is out of date since it’s claiming 0.0.8 and your github shows 0.7.0 is latest stable?

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