Nextion displays and Asset OTA


Does anyone have a recipe for updating a Nextion display using a Boron, Argon, or Photon 2?
The plan is to use the Asset OTA feature for the Nextion binary.


Pinging @mrlambchop just in case you came around something that can help here.

I haven't tried it in many years, and I was using the Photon 1 and the NX3224T024 (2.4" 320x240) display. However, the timing when updating the display binary over serial is very sensitive. I couldn't get it to work live over TCP reliably, though presumably over Asset OTA it should be much easier to feed the display at a constant rate.

oh, nice.
Do you have any pieces of that code that I can build on?

Hey gusgonnet!

I think this is what you are looking for!

(some notes here -



oh, I looked at it before but I stopped short of noticing this interesting example:

Thanks for the hint!