Photon with v 0.7.0 RC2 breaks Nextion display compatibility


yesterday I have connected a Nextion display for the first time to one of my Photons running firmware version 0.7.0 RC2. I have used the CompText.ino example sketch but without any luck. The sketch compiles without any errors but my Photon does not increment/decrement the figures when I press the + or - button.
But after switching to a Photon with firmware 0.6.1 and flashing the exact same sketch everything was working fine.

Have there been any changes which could interfere with the Nextion display?

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I doubt that there were any changes which would impact the Nextion communication directly, since this is a mere RX/TX serial communication protocol without any system specific calls.

I’d have to look into this tho’

@ScruffR is correct there were no updates to USART Serial that I’m aware of, last updated in 0.6.0. Which display model and example are you using?

@hl68x, I have now tested with one of my NX4024K032_011displays and can confirm that they still run with 0.7.0-rc.2.
One thing you may have to check is the default baudrate of the display (can be seen when updating via SD card). If this is anything but 9600, you need to provide that baudrate in nexInit(<yourBaudRate>);

But I also see that the CompText sample doesn’t work as expected (further investigation pending). On the other hand, the CompNumber sample worked, so it’s not an issue with 0.7.0-rc.2 but something else, which I’d have to look into further.
Update: After a fresh upload of the .tft file the CompText sample works fine too.

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